Monday, May 16, 2011

Miami vs Chicago A.K.A The Big 3 vs The One Man Army!! Game One

Wow!!! Do we have a series on our hands folks!! The Bulls and Heat came out swinging and hittin on all cylinders…The play of the game to me was D.Wade getting Smashed on by Taj Gibson (Man that ish was nasty!!!) not to mention all the offensive boards Chicago was grabbing but that’s what you give up when you play small ball. My question to Erik is why would you let Chicago dictate what you do when you have arguably the 3 best players in the world???? The defense was great by both teams because Bron, D.Wade and Rose are not getting to the basket. The intangibles are kickin in a.k.a the benches the Bulls bench is chippin in big time like they usually do and Miami’s is a no show. D.Rose played a solid game, picked his spots and took advantage when he could. Start to finish the Bulls out played the Heat. 

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